Finding out about new emails just got easier.
Outlook Start now features a simpler interface to access your personal Outlook email. The latest updates about your life only one click away.

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Outlook Start

Outlook Start helps personal email users who don’t need advanced mailing features. Open your mailbox and display the most important information only. What that might be in the future is yet completely undefined. Outlook Start is build by a free-to-join community of personal email-users. Below this section you find a list of basic features currently offered. Feel more than welcome… Share your thoughts and feedback with us. Together we can build a unique personal information management tool that works for you too.

Select Range

Only display what you need. Filter messages by a specified time from now and choose what messages to display.

This feature enables you to focus on the most recent messages. Set the selector to a higher timeframe if you haven’t read your email for a while. If you check your mail weekly. Set the selector to weekly. If you check your email every day. Set it to daily.

Count Email

Know if you have mail with the notifictions counter. It counts the total matching emails within your selected range. The counter is directly connected with the range selector.

The counter refers to the iconic red badge you often find in application icons. The number inside matches with the number of results returned in the list below.

List Messages

Spot emails faster with a logo in front of each message. Trust yourself and never miss out a message again: The senders address is always visible and there are no automatic filters applied.

The list contains all the information for you to identify the message and its sender. It also includes the message read status. The envelope is open if the message was read. It is closed, if the message is unread. The blue label shows you in what folder the message was classified by Outlook.